Blogroll Wanted!!

It’s a brand new year and I wanted to start my blogging into a much newer dimension. And with that, I have decided to start again with my blogroll. It has come to my knowledge that most bloggers listed on my blogroll have not linked back to me 😥 . Since I have more than 300 blogs on my roll, it has become a tedious task for me, checking and deleting (most of the time deleting 😡 ).

Anyway, if you still want to be in my blogroll, please comment with the following:

Type of Blogger: Mommy Blogger / Personal Blogger
Blog’s Name: Pinay Mommy Online
Blog’s URL:

I want my blogging experience to be more personal with real online relationships. Those who will be in my blogroll will be visited regularly and will receive comments from me. This would not be on a daily basis but as long as I can manage to do so. But before leaving a comment here, please check if I am listed at your blogroll too. 🙂

And to make my blogroll more relevant to my blog, I am only accepting exlinks from mommy and personal bloggers. Since mommy bloggers are self explanatory, what do I mean by personal bloggers? It simply means bloggers who are not moms; like daddies, single men and women who are maintaining a personal blog. I will not be linking with blogs whose theme is NOT about personal blogging such are those filled with dozens of affiliate links, gámbling, adult, download links, warez and illegal stuff. Those who were linked to me because of my contest, you can freely leave a comment here too if your blog is about contests.

I am really sorry for such inconvenience but I have to do this. It would be more unpleasing if I just delete your link and not explain why. So better overhaul my blogroll. I hope you understand.

Thank you very much! 😳


Pinay Mommy Online

<a href=””>Pinay Mommy Online</a>

Pinay Mommy Online

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Pinay Mommy Online

<a href=””><img src=””></a>

Pinay Mommy Online

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69 thoughts on “Blogroll Wanted!!

  1. Hello,, I am new here and want to be a part of your blogroll…
    I will put your link on my blog too..
    Take care always

    Type of Blogger: Personal Blogger
    Blog’s Name: My Life
    Blog’s URL:

  2. hi there mommy! how are u? you’re still and forever will be in my blogroll..hope u add mine as well..thanks a lot in advance 🙂


    have a blessed week sis! 🙂

  3. Hi Mommy, I just landed here… (uh, where have I been?!)

    you’ve always been on my blogroll, too.

    include me in?

    Type Of Blogger: Mommy/Personal
    Blog’s Name: Purpled Sky
    Blog URL:

  4. I would be honored to be on your blogroll and maybe featured in a article. As you know I am trying to build an open and honest site from an Expats experience living in your country.

  5. Hi. Mine is mainly a craft blog, but I do babble about family life, too! I myself am a Pinay and a mom of two!

    So, see yah!

  6. Type of Blogger: Celebrity Gossip Blogger
    Blog’s Name: The Star Celeb
    Blog’s URL:

    Hi. I’d love to be added to your blog roll and will add you to mine right after I submit this. I have less than 50 ppl on my blogroll and do my best to visit 3-4 times per week.

    I’d love for you to stop in and comment and I’ll do the same.

    Happy blogging 🙂

  7. Type of Blogger: Personal Blogger/Earner
    Blog Name: Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed

    Hoping to see my link on your blog roll. Added you already. Thanks!

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