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Bonding Time with my Children

My children and I are watching a television show last night. This is one of our ways to bond together and get updated with their daily school activities, while I was cuddling my youngest daughter, Baby Bella. It was a musical show so my children get to sing on some of the songs being played on the show. On one of the commercial breaks, my eldest daughter, Micah, suddenly blurted out that she wanted to be a musician, and my son, David, also seconded her sister.

I indulged them and they keep on telling me that they wanted to learn how to play various musical instruments like electric keyboards, guitars, saxophones, as well as the trumpets. My son even added that he also would like to try the drums because he wanted to be a rock star, while as for my daughter, she excitedly shared that she wanted to try using the clarinets. I jokingly told her why don’t she try blowing the horns? Both of them laughed.

I just told them that I’ll try my best to save some money so that I can send them to the school of music. They both nodded and kept on talking about their plans when they get to learn how to play different musical instruments later. I just enjoyed listening to them.

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  • Adee

    i’m not musically inclined myself and can’t even carry a tune but i would love for my toddlers to grow up loving music. every morning, we have an hour (or two if they’re really having a great time) of music time. my husband bought toy musical instruments, maraccas, tambourines,drum, recorder, xylophones, for the kids to play with. sometimes we just use sticks or empty cups, whatever we have that produces sound. it’s really fun to see them dance to the music!

  • Willa

    That’s nice mars, ako rin, I always take time to sit down and watch tv with kids, kahit panoorin pa namin ang Spongebob for the nth time, we don’t care, SB always make us laugh. :yes:

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