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Nyaaaa….It is only the third day of January, year 2011 but it seems like I am already contending with mid-year reports and quotas, much like those who are working in medical companies. Haha…

Naaa… I am not really complaining. When I am busy that means I have work and that means I would be earning. I will start complaining probably when I no longer have work because that means that I have nothing to do and I can already start seeing even the tiniest concerns here and there. Perhaps even a hole in my husband’s night shirt would already give me a headache.

It is just that at 5 in the morning I feel like my brain is already drained of ideas. They say that when this happens, you go out and look at something green or blue, like the sky or the plants. Then that would refresh the eyes and eventually the whole body. When the body is refreshed it is relaxed and you get more ideas.

But what about if you are working nights? All I see is black around me and the bright light of my computer monitor. So what about it?

I am already running out of ideas that is why I am already thinking of signing up for an online casino games and do get on betting some money. I just don’t know how it works out, like how much I should shell out and how to make the most of my hard earned money. It is not so much as winning as just being able to get my mind off work for a short while. But if I win, that is a bonus.

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