Bringing a Baby to a Wedding? Buy These Baby Toys First!


Oh dear, are you ever in for a challenge if you plan to bring a baby to a wedding. Of course, it’s a challenge many take on willingly as the bride and groom love having the little one there. Plus, the little one may actually be the bride and groom’s baby!

The idea is fine, but you will soon realise how stressful it can be having a baby at a wedding. It doesn’t matter their age, whether they are a month old or 18 months old, because there will be moments when they act up. The important thing is knowing how to minimise the severity and duration of those moments. Knowing when the baby needs to be changed or fed can only help you out so much.

Buying Travel Toys for the Baby to Use

Your best bet is picking up some baby toys for the little one to have fun with while the ceremony takes place. This will help keep the baby occupied. You can simply provide a toy when he or she starts to get frustrated and maybe switch the toy out for a different one if they seem to lose interest in the one they are using.

With that said, which baby toys are best for a wedding? Chances are you won’t find them in a baby toys sale flyer. You are looking for travel-friendly toys. There are some out there, but they are hit and miss when shopping at retailers. A good idea, especially given the limited need for these toys, is to buy them off Gumtree, eBid or some other auction site.

The Best Travel Toys for Babies

For infants, anything that peaks the baby’s curiosity will be good. Babies are amused by almost anything. You can give him or her your car keys and probably keep the peace for a bit – that is, of course, if the car alarm doesn’t sound off.

Here are some actual baby toys that serve well for travelling and special occasions, including weddings.

Blue Painter’s Tape

Yes, giving your baby tape to play with is okay if you are holding them. Blue painter’s tape is suggested as it’s not nearly as sticky as most other types of tape. The tape can be held and inspected, then it can be stuck onto the baby’s skin. You can put it on their fingers and ears, and even their nose – don’t worry, they won’t go cross-eyed!

Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are a great way to keep the baby amused. The puppets themselves are intriguing as it is and you can make a game out of playing with them. You can play peekaboo from under your knee, at the side of the baby’s face, etc. You can pretend to be the particular puppet. So if you have animal puppets, you can make the noises the animals make. You get the idea. Plus, you can buy them or print off patterns and make them yourself!


Link-a-Doos are very appealing for babies. These are the circular links that hold each other in place and come in many different colours. They are often used with vibrating seats and work well for stroller toys. The links can be taken apart and put back together. You can also add other toys, such as stuffed animals with links, to add to the mix.

Sophie the Giraffe

This is a toy that received crazy hyping in France years ago. It’s actually a teething toy, which means it is perfect for babies that are at the age where they explore everything with their mouths. The toy not only helps in that aspect, but it’s amusing as well. Your baby will take the time to feel it and explore its limbs, plus you can role-play with it too.

These are just some of many baby toys that work well while travelling!

Is your baby not in the year or younger age category? Take a look at this list of travel-friendly baby toys to see if anything looks like it will work well for your little one!

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