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Broken LCD Screen *

Long time ago, I was really hoping to buy an external hard drive and an additional sd card for my digital camera. I wanted to have additional space for my downloaded images, digital scraps and pictures taken.

Unfortunately, I was in for a big surprise. Just last month, I have discovered that my digital camera’s LCD screen was broken. At first, we can still take pictures even without a preview from the LCD but after a few days, we couldn’t take pictures anymore. I decided to bring it to a Kodak Service Center but they can’t cater me since I bought mine at SM Appliance last March 2008. Aside from that, SM Appliance could not attend to me since I lost my proof of purchase.

Anyway, I decided to look for an LCD replacement online but it led mo to an international seller. If I will buy from him, the cost will be enough for a new digital camera. So, I guess I should save up and buy a new one instead of an LCD replacement if that is the case. What do you think?

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  • Tere

    Hubby and I also wanted to buy an 8GB card but we’re still waiting for it to go on sale so it’ll be cheaper.

    Don’t you want to buy a DSLR or an LX3?

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