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Bulging Tummies for Me and Hubby

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If people are asking my secret to a slender frame, well I am asking when my hubby will start to lose some weight. His tummy is growing as fast as mine too. Even my baby boy asks if males can also give birth to babies since his father’s tummy is bulging just like mine. He thought baby girls are from moms and baby boys are from dads!

So, I told my hubby about this and he just laughed. Anyway, I told him to take some slimming pills like Apidexin or do some push-ups. Well, as usual, he makes excuses and asks me for weights instead of pills. Blah!! This is a “so unfinished” discussion.

Oh well, I also asked myself how would my hubby lose some weight if he drinks alcoholic beverages a lot and I am feeding him two-plates full of dinner when he arrives from work! Now tell me, which is causing the tummy, the beer or the carbo from rice? 😀

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