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Aside from being a stay at home mom and blogger, I may as well be considered an entrepreneur. My business is not really very big, but the fact that I am trading products and services makes me an entrepreneur right?

I had been thinking of expanding my online business. Well, who would not want to have a bigger business and bigger income? But I am thinking that if I want to expand my business, I have to have a system so that it is easy for me be able to track my orders, record sales, make billings, and have efficient collection, which is the bottom line.

I think I would need a bi software in order to help me set up my system. The problem is, am I ready to take on the challenge of setting up the new scheme of things? There will be new and exciting changes that will be taking place in my life sooner or later so that is why things are pretty much on hold. That is why I cannot really move into expansion. I just hope I can do this soon.

3 thoughts on “Business Sense

  1. Yes, you are a business mom and you are not just SAHM you’re also WAHM marz. career din naman itong blogging kasi we work with advertiser diba, in a fun way lang at in our PJ din hehe

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