Candies for Lunch!!

Since I only have a cup of MILO for breakfast, I tried to sleep my hunger away. Indeed it was successful but unfortunately I woke up just in time for lunch. So I have another hunger pains to get through.

Anyway, I still think I am blessed. When I checked my bags, I saw two packs of M&M candies (sugar boost for energy) and Pretzels Stilts. Aside from that, I inquired about my EON account online and found a few hundred pesos left in it. So now, I can buy food to last me until Tuesday. Now I have only one problem left and that is a place to stay for Monday night!

Oh well, I guess God will have something for me. All I need to do right now is just be glad that I am still alive and have candies for lunch. I am looking forward for a simple but hopefully a full dinner tonight!! And tomorrow, I will be out and I shall buy a boat ticket home. I can’t wait to see my kiddos again.

I am hoping to find a safe place to stay at my friends home. I just need to thicken my face tomorrow when I asked. It would be better than staying at the streets and have a crank flashlight to give you light.

By the way, I won’t deny the fact that I am still praying for a miracle to happen. I am still hoping that my hubby will look for me and say sorry but I think that would be impossible right now. Why? Because I went back to the boarding house just this morning because I forgot my laptop charger and I was able to grab his. Since it was not compatible, I was left with no choice but return there. When I arrived he was asleep, so I waked him up as I went out and told him “thank you and good bye.” Of course, what would I expect from a man who values his manly pride over his wife and family?? He didn’t say anything and he slept again. To save from further hurtful words and actions, I left his room.

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