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Car Accessories Shopping

I don’t have a car yet. I don’t even know how to drive yet! It’s something I’ve yet to learn and once I do I’ll start canvassing for a car that’s easy to drive, affordable and of course, big enough for me and my small family. A friend of mine knows someone who sells used cars and I just might check out the models.

But this early, I’m already starting to look for car accessories. In fact, just the other day, I saw a pair of 05 galant projector headlamps on sale. The halogen headlamps cost less than $200 and for me, that’s a fair price. I also saw 04 lancer ralliart fenders which I’m positive will look good with the halogen headlamps. I would also probably need extra 1 gallon gas tank to keep handy in my car’s compartment for emergency purposes.

The last thing I want to happen when I’m finally driving is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because I ran out of gas. So I’d better have an extra 1 gal gas can ready and waiting in my trunk.

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