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If you belong to a family of musicians, I am sure an obscure musical instrument name will be all too familiar. If you have friends and colleagues who play in music bands then you might have encountered a rolling cart or similar equipment at one point in your life or another. If you are musically inclined yourself, I am sure you will not have difficulty telling oboe, piccolo or a didgeridoo apart.

The thing is, with music, as with other fields, may that be fashion, science or entertainment, there are just one too many terms and jargon that only those who are involved in the field may identify or easily recognize. The good thing is we no longer have to make a fool of ourselves as we can easily search for these on the internet whenever we feel like it. The world wide web, after all, is a treasure trove of information and trivia, and all you have to do is know where exactly where to find them

That is why it really pays to read and brush up on your knowledge. Read about Beethoven and his sonatas, so the next time you meet with your musician friends, you can easily drop a clever comment or two in the conversation.



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