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    Flying Polar Bears Video

    Check out this video on Flying Polar Bears! By the way, this event publicized the plight of polar bears disappearing due to global warming and rightfully, it was done in an ingenious, eco-friendly manner. 15 total views, no views today Hits: 521

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    Pet Lover

    Are you a pet lover? We people usually have their animal pet at house. Common pets that we took care are dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, white rats, etc. Animals are like people, we need someone who will love us and a doctor who will take care of us when we are sick. Animals and people have lot of similarities that is why as a first class animal (human) we are to take care of inferiors (animals and other creatures). Going back of being a pet lover. Are you? If you are, the you should be best friends with verterinarians because they are the one you can seek for help when…

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    Allergic to Fire Ants

    I dreaded wearing skirts or any dress that shows my legs because I have many dark spots caused by fire ant bites. Since my complexion is fair, the dark spots are really visible even if the beholder is far from me. These bites happened in our previous apartment because there were fire ant infestations at our kitchen and living room. So every time I cook or clean the house, I got bitten by them and since I am allergic, I always scratch them until swollen red. Now, I left with scars. To prevent this from happening again here in my parents place, I decided to look for ways to get…

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    New Learnings: Puppy Mills

    It was the first time for me to encounter the phrase puppy mills. As usual, I did a little research since the only word I understood with that phrase is puppy. After searching, I was lead to puppy mill articles. What I read brought tears to my eyes. I am a pet lover even though I don’t have one because of my kiddo’s asthmatic conditions. Discovering what puppies and kittens have to go through because of illegal backyard breeding just for money is quite disheartening. Though they are just animals, they also have the right to co-exist with humankind. Many sick pets are being killed because of these illegal practices…