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    Got Myself a New Laptop – ASUS VivoBook S15

    It was earlier this year that I have been really annoyed about how my old laptop is very slow and is hampering my daily productivity. As you can see, I work online as a virtual assistant and a social media manager. I need a fast and reliable laptop to perform my best. But my old laptop has become so slow that sometimes a work that usually takes me about 5 to 10 minutes now gets me around 20 minutes or so. I couldn’t say that it’s my internet connection because it is the same everywhere I go including coworking spaces with high-speed internet. But since I don’t have any cash-on-hand…

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    Blogging Prompts to Keep Up with the Challenge

    After posting about the blogging challenge last night, a lot of my blogging friends who were with my since before, responded enthusiastically to my post. We share the same sentiments and somehow we want to relive the days of old school blogging. Since social media wasn’t that popular back in the day, we used to visit each other’s blogs to keep updated and leave comments. It was a bit of hard word but it was fun to get visits and comments from other blogger friends. Well, that’s how it was about 10 years ago. Anyway, one of my blogger friends suggested to have blogging prompts so that it would be…

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    Blogging Challenge for Someone Who Might Have Forgotten How to Blog

    Well, technically, I haven’t forgotten how to blog but sometimes I like to joke around that for not blogging too often I might have forgotten that I am a blogger. Nyahahaha… So, I decided to challenge myself to blog at least once a day. Yes, I decided to do a blogging challenge! This decision didn’t come out from anywhere. I have decided to do this because I was inspired by two of my blogging friends that I have known for a long time – Jojo Vito of The Happy Trip and Jen Adams of MomTraNeur. Just like me, these two beautiful people started blogging when it wasn’t as mainstream as…

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    Pinay Mommy Online is CDO Mommy Blogger

    CDO Mommy Blogger was born because I wanted to create another lifestyle blog about Cagayan de Oro City in the perspective of a mom. I bought a domain name cdomommyblogger.com just last year (2018). But after I visited Bacolod City and talked to a friend who is an expert in SEO, she advised me to stop. She told me that I have been struggling already in updating my blogs and maintaining more is not really a good solution right now. Transferring CDO Mommy Blogger So, as per advise, I decided to transfer the contents of CDO Mommy Blogger here in Pinay Mommy Online. I admit. I am totally struggling right…