Movie Review: If Cats Disappeared from the World

Just finished watching the Japanese movie entitled, “If Cats Disappeared from the World.” And to be honest, the title and the synopsis weren’t catchy at all but I decided to watch it because I am a fan of Takeru Sato. If Cats Disappeared from the World is quite dragging. The pacing was too slow for […]

BET NG BAYAN Grand Finals was Awesome!

Just recently watched BET NG BAYAN Grand Finals and all I can say that the show was great! The production as well as the contestants really did awesome entertainment. It was hosted by no other than Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Alden Richard. Coming from Mindanao, I really like programs such as this. Not that I want […]

Save On Musical Instruments and Equipment

Those who have the impression that music instruments, as well as equipment and accessories, need to cost a fortune should really think again. Sure you might have to shell out a considerable amount of money if you plan to purchase something brand new, but there are numerous ways you can save on audio recorders, instruments […]

Shopping for a Piano

Being able to play wonderful music makes one desire only the best brands and quality when it comes to their instruments. A violinist will know when a certain violin will play the sound of her soul, and guitarist will want the best when it comes to electric or acoustic guitars. So don’t wonder when a […]

Starting Off the Studio with a Good Microphone

Every recording studio needs good equipment or simply the best amongst all. Equipment used for mixing and sound recording are just some of the must-haves in the studio such as mixing consoles, mutitrack recorder, microphones, keyboard or piano, speakers, drum kit, digital and music workstation, equalizers, accessories and so much more. Speaking of microphones, it […]

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