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    #WanderFourLife is Our Family’s Food and Travel Adventures

    I don’t know the exact date when I was able to coin the hashtag #WanderFourLife but I know it started shortly after my children and I went to Iligan City last year. Then I created an Instagram account with the same username. The first upload was September 2016 then followed by a second upload on February earlier this year.       Our First Travel Together: Iligan City – the city of majestic waterfalls! We enjoyed our stay at Homestay Ilihan in Iligan. #WanderFourLife #ExperienceIligan #WhenInIligan #TravelingWithKids #TravelPH   A post shared by WanderFourLife (@wanderfourlife) on Sep 25, 2016 at 8:46pm PDT   As you all know, I am a…

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    Dedicating Your Diet and Seeing Past Packaging

    You are like many people, you wonder what foods are good for your family and which ones aren’t. One trip to the grocery store will reveal that most food packaging touts itself as healthy in one way or another. Packaging can be deceptive, though, and it isn’t a good idea to blindly trust the claims on a box. What can you do to maintain a healthy diet and avoid the pitfalls of alluring packaging? There are several steps you can take, but perhaps the most important is dedicating yourself to the pursuit of clean eating. Truly dedicating your diet to health and wellness is the incentive you need to make…

  • Five Delicious Sweets You Can Bake with Your Little Ones

    Five Delicious Sweets You Can Bake with Your Little Ones

    Nothing is more fun for moms of little ones than spending time in the kitchen baking yummies to share with friends and families. Kids are just so proud when they see their finished goodies laid out on a plate and ready to dig into. If you are looking for delicious sweets to ‘bake’ with your little ones, here are five that you will have loads of fun with. Get out the measuring cups, baking pans and beaters. Just remember to have cleaning rags on hand as you’ll probably need them! 1) No-Bake Rice Crispy Treats Okay, so we’re cheating here! If you aren’t in the mood to fire up the…

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    Loving Korean Food

    Whenever it comes to food, I am not really a picky eater. Though I have preferences, I always make sure to try new dishes. Last year, I started exploring Korean cuisine. Thanks to all the Korean dramas (Kdrama) I watched for the past years, I started taking interest on how Korean food tastes like. Here in our city, there is one Korean Restaurant that I frequent a lot. Their location is very convenient and so far, I find their dishes soothing to my palate. Golden Ajirang-i Korean Restaurant serves authentic Korean dishes. Maybe not all but they mostly have the Korean dishes I see in Korean dramas I watched such…