Observed Earth Hour for the 8th Time

We observed Earth Hour for the 8th time. My kids and I started participating every Earth Hour since 2009. I remembered the first time we participated in 2009. Our family shared a discussion over dinner why we were turning off the lights. During that time, it was already the second year since Earth Hour started […]

Homeschool Year 2016-2017 Starts Today!

Today marks a very special day in our lives. Today is DAY ONE of our independent homeschool journey. I guess everyone might probably ask why “independent” when I specifically blogged about our chosen homeschool provider? Well, I haven’t been able to enroll my kids due to financial constraints. So we decided to start our school […]

Found Our Homeschool Provider

I have been fascinated about homeschooling for many years now. It was not until last year (2015) that my eldest and I have decided to give it a try. I was in Vietnam doing my volunteer work when we thought about it. So, we decided to do some research. My eldest was fascinated by the […]

Diagnostic Tests for My Future Homeschoolers

I started administering the diagnostic tests given to us by our “future” homeschool provider to my children. My son (12 y.o.) is already 100% decided, but my youngest daughter doesn’t take anything seriously (she is 6) as of now. Future Homeschooler – Grade 7 Future Homeschooler – Grade 1 We are not yet done. I […]