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    Anonymous Cell Phone Caller?

    Just the other day I blogged about reverse look up for landline phones and annoying callers. So, I thought to myself if there is such a service that involves reverse cell phone lookup. Luckily in the US, they have a website dedicated to this. At ReverseMobilePhones.com, you will be able to check who owns the anonymous cell phone number that is calling you. Neat! Anyway, how I wish the service would expand internationally. That would be a great help. Maybe not now, but someday it will – hopefully! Hits: 583 229Shares229    

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    Access Court Records Online

    One of the things I liked about modern and advance countries is the accessibility of information. You can find almost anything online. Just recently, I have discovered that legal court records can now be accessed online. Example, if you want to search for Oklahoma Court Records of a person, i.e. police reports, court records, family court records and more, you can easily do so just by typing their names at www.courtrecordssearch.net. Just like Google, it presents you all the records in a relevant manner. Isn’t that cool? Hits: 421 229Shares229    

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    Track that Number

    When somebody calls me, mobile or landline, I always answer them. It might be somebody I know but who uses a different number. But there are some incidents that really gets me so irritated. These are receiving prank calls and such. They call me and they wouldn’t say anything. So, I hung it up but then they will call me again and still wouldn’t say anything. How annoying can that be! In the US, you can now trace up the person who called you confidentially and for FREE! Whether this number is listed or not, you can get information about the owner of the number who called you. Availing this…

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    Argue with Everyone

    I am a member of several forums all over the internet. As a forum member, I am always careful to follow the rules and regulations because I don’t want to get suspended or banned. But just recently, I have found a political forum wherein you can express anything you want in any given topic. The forum is unmoderated and has only few rules to follow. This forum was conceptualized to encourage free and open debate. You can practically argue with everyone in the forum! So, if you are up for some challenging political arguments and more, why not check out my latest online find at ArgueWithEveryone.com! Hits: 238 229Shares229