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    A Single Mom’s Basic Guide to Online Dating

    Being a single mom has so many rewards but can also be a challenge when it comes to romantic relationships. Maybe you’re ready to start dating again but have a very busy schedule. Perhaps you’re apprehensive about bringing anyone new into your children’s lives. Online dating can be a great option for mom’s in either of these situations. When it comes to the facts about online dating there are a number of things to consider before you take the leap – here is an introductory guide to help you along. Building your Profile It is a good idea to include multiple photos in your profile including a head shot, a full body…

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    Dealing with First Day at School

    Do you remember your first day at school? Leaving the familiarity of the home environment is a huge step in a child’s life which can leave them feeling frightened and overwhelmed. Preparation both before, during and after the big day will ease this key change. It’s good to talk One way of helping your child get used the idea of school is to talk about it with enthusiasm and excitement in the weeks beforehand. You can do this casually at mealtimes or when you are out and about with your child. Talking about coping with first day at school nerves can relieve any worries your child may feel. Make sure…

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    Lucky Charms

    2012 is the year of the Water Dragon and most of my friends who believe in Feng Shui, charm bracelets and other related beliefs are now busy choosing their lucky charm bracelets. They say wearing one will bring positive vibes and lucky things into their lives. Personally, I don’t believe in lucky charms and that is the reason I am not an avid fan of buying one. But I have several key chains in my collections that some of my friends considered as lucky charms. I don’t use them though. I just display them on my cabinet as part of my collections. If there is such a term as lucky…

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    Samurai Sword

    If you or a loved one is passionate about weapons, antiques or Japanese history, a samurai sword would make a great wall decoration or gift. While there is a great difference in quality of the steel, handle, decorations and strength, you could find authentic samurai swords for upwards of $250. If you see lower prices they are most likely not real steel or well put together. The Katana or Samurai Sword (left) and Tachi sword (right). Hits: 541 229Shares229