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    Equipping Your Child for Sports

    Wherever you go, it’s easy to find kids involved in sports. There could be a baseball field with organized teams or just a basketball hoop on a barn with a couple of kids shooting around. Whatever the case, sports are a great way for your child to stay active and to develop in a variety of ways. For the average game of catch in the backyard, there’s not a lot of need for equipment–a ball and a couple of old gloves will complete the list. But once your child has moved up to a more competitive situation, there will be a number of equipment purchases you will need to make.…

  • Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

    Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Goes Beyond Boxing #OneForPacman

    Living next door to a former WBC Junior Lightweight Champion Rene Barrientos, boxing was introduced to me at a very young age. I watched several fights while growing up but never showed much enthusiasm in boxing until Oscar De La Hoya​ came. I loved every bit of him (I guess you know why) and that is when I became an official boxing fan. But when Manny Pacquiao​ came, as much as I loved Oscar De La Hoya, I became Team Pacman. Floyd Mayweather​ Jr is a great boxer. He has the skills and record to show for it. While Manny Pacquiao on the other hand has proven his worth as…

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    Pickup Trucks

    Pickup or pickup truck is a vehicle with open, rear cargo area. There are many types of pickups but the most common is the compact pickup which were popularize by Japanese manufacturers in 1960s. Pickups are famous as personal transport in some countries like United States, Canada and Australia. They have many uses and one of those is hauling heavy loads, ferry goods or as utility vehicles. It has been used as troop carriers in countries with roads or areas of rough terrain. In the military, it is used as fighting vehicles with machine guns mounted on it. During trips, pickup trucks can provide a small space for camping too.…