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Because of a fast paced lifestyle, many people are getting into processed or instant foods. Aside from the fact that this can make a person gain weight faster, some ingredients used to process these foods can cause cancer or other diseases in the long run. Well, eating a canned meat will not kill you right away but it will definitely make your body weak and when the time comes, you will die because of the diseases and sicknesses that you have developed.

Anyway, I thought that only the food we eat or genetics can cause cancer but little did I know that even an unsafe environment can be a source of it too! One example of an unsafe environment that I have discovered is industrial plants that use asbestos as a way to prevent fire accidents. It is a chemical compound once inhaled by a person can cause mesothelioma (a type of cancer in the lungs). Many have developed cancer and died because of inhaling this to their system.

When I read about this, I immediately asked my husband if they have asbestos installed at their work place. He told me that they are not using it because their company already knew about this. He said that probably old industrial plants may have installed this but not like new ones because this have already been discovered and have been a standard not to use in newly constructed ones.

So, after hearing my husband said that, I was quite relieved. I don’t want my husband dying on me because of cancer. My ultimate dream is to grow old together and enjoy life to the fullest!

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