Cauterization to Remove Undesirable Growth


A friend and I we’re talking the other day and she told me that she has just undergone a cauterization. She developed warts in some areas on her face and she wanted removed, hence the need for cauterization. Of course I know what that meant but I wanted to find out more about it so I did some sleuthing since I didn’t want to bother the nearby dermatologist with my inquiry.

When I started my online sleuthing cauterization, for me, was just the process of burning or removing an undesired growth on the face just like warts. But as I entered the word cautery and hit “search”, I was bombarded with tons of results related to it like electrocautery, chemical cautery and even nasal cautery.

The latter, nasal cautery, is advisable for people who frequently experience nose bleeding. Chemical cautery, on the other hand, is the process of removing undesirable growth but then since chemicals are used for the process, it’s not highly advisable and thus laser or electrical cautery is most preferred by women and dermatologists.

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  • Hazelicious

    I had mine removed before I came here (US). It was disturbing, it’s all over my face and neck but it wasn’t that bad if you take a look at it. It’s just a small wart but it will grow if care will not put into action. I even had some in my eyes. The excruciating pain is not tolerable because they burn it and you have to wait a week or so for them to heal.

  • Shydub

    cauterization pala tawag niyan, i used to have a warts in my pinky but i use muriatic to removed it, it was painful and the scar still visible

  • zoan

    when I was young, I used to have warts. pero sa hands lang, we went to different doctors in order to cure it kasi pag di mamatay, lalong dadami. my hands were full of warts from a single tiny wart. buti nalang ngayon may mga ganyan na, pero mahal yan diba?

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