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It was on July 2011 when I registered the domain cdomom.com. I choose this domain because I thought the shorter the domain name the better. It was also the time that I decided to have another blog for my Cagayan de Oro blogging adventures.
But as the time passed, I have lost direction. I don’t know what to do with it anymore. I felt that having too many mommy blogs have taken a toll in me. So I decided to have aroundcdo.com instead to focus on all things CDO. The tone of the blog was different. And yes, it was different. Too different that I haven’t found my own voice within them.
Recently, I came to a realization that I want to have a Cagayan de Oro blog that has my own voice. A Cagayan de Oro lifestyle blog (mostly talking about the events I covered or discoveries I made) that has my own motherly story-telling kind of voice. Not someone who just delivers facts, but someone who delivers a story from her own perspective. That is the kind of blog I wanted.
So just a few moments ago, I decided to buy another domain – cdomommyblogger.com. This is the domain name that I have decided to have to pursue as my Cagayan de Oro blogging adventure. As a member of Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Network, I want to share my stories here. As a member of the organization, we are often invited to events to cover it and share it with our readers. So this is where I am planning to share it with my own motherly story-telling kind of writing. Not a mommy blog per se but a lifestyle blog that talks about anything in the perspective of a mother.
To be honest, I am not sure if I’ll be fickle-minded again. But this time, inside my heart, I know that I am excited to pursue my blogging voice again. Not to fit the current mainstream blogging style, but to go back to how I really started. With that, for now, I am satisfied.
Anyway, I hope you’ll follow this blog. Either your a mommy, a daddy, an ate or a kuya, I don’t really mind. I hope you follow my blog and discover many things with me because I want to share more stories with all!
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