Celebrating Our “8 minus 2” Wedding Anniversary!!

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. Technically 8 years, but me and my husband sometimes jokingly say “minus 2.” You might be wondering why? Well, we were separated for 2 years. Yes! Two dark years apart. (Spare me the details….it’s a very long story. Hehehehe…)

It was around 2006 when me and my husband wanted to give our marriage another chance…our love another chance. So, we decided (yup – decided is the word) to get back together and work things out. And now (exactly 1 year and 2 months being together again), we are cruising our marriage through good weather and sometimes in stormy ones!! I will blog about this in later days…but for now…I want to thank God that He has allowed our marriage a second chance (last chance!) and that we are together again celebrating our wedding anniversary.

We don’t have a perfect marriage but we do know we have the “love” that God wanted us to have.

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