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Are you a book lover? Well, I am. I really do love reading books especially about self-help, parenting, marriage, business, leadership and corporate topics.
As I was browsing at Amazon.com today, I came across a new book by Dennis Carey entitled CEO Succession. It’s the latest book on leadership and corporate topics. It gained several good reviews from Amazon.com customers and also from well renowned book critiques and of the business world.CEO Succession is a 205 pages book that talks about how to continue passing on success to future leaders of the company. As we all know, many companies who were once successful failed to pass on their success to the next generation because they haven’t done the right succession pattern of training and preparation for the one who is next in line.

This book is not only for corporate board members but also for those who have family businesses that you would want to continue to propagate to greater success in the future – A very good edition on every bookshelf.

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