Cervix has Started to Dilate!

Yesterday, my best friend Mae and my son accompanied me to my OB doctor for my weekly check-up since I am already due any moment this month. Guess what?! I have already dilated my cervix and I am about 1cm! That means I have 9cm to go before my baby’s head can be seen (excuse me boys). LOL!!

Pregnant Woman

Anyway, my doctor has already advised me to perform 15 squats a day and to walk as far as I can. She said this will help me prepare for the big day and let gravity help on attaining the 9cm needed for the big day.

Oh well, I am a little bit excited. Though this is my third child already, it seems that I am a brand new mommy again since every pregnancy and child is different for that matter. This will be a different experience again to unfold each day! Thank God for the opportunity!


10 thoughts on “Cervix has Started to Dilate!

  1. Mommy Ruby, I’m so happy nasa final stretch ka na ng pregnancy. I wish you and your baby all the best – good health and lots and lots of blessings and happiness.

  2. @c5: I wish ako yan….hehehe

    @Xee: Thank you so much. Need ko yan. 🙂

    @Elvz: Praying for the best talaga Mommy.

    @Jehzeel: As in, pasalamat kayo mga boys. 😀

  3. Wow! You’re almost there sis! Have a safe delivery! Don’t forget to tell us your birthing story pero wag mo akong takutin hehe! Di ko alam paano manganak dito, I chose a natural birth kasi without any epi.

  4. @Mitch: Hehehe…I will surely blog about it. Don’t worry, hinde kita tatakotin. 😀

    @Sam: Thank you Mommy Sam! That is true, labor pains transforms us into a different person. 😀

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