Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness

Cancer is a serious illness but sometimes it feels so unreal if you haven’t experienced it (God forbid) or don’t know someone who have. As for me, I have met people who have cancer and have died fighting against it. The thought of talking to that person in my lifetime and not being able to talk to her again is just so sad and aching inside. Another one, whose mom died from cancer, is so heartbreaking. I can’t imagine seeing my mom suffer and battle cancer until the end of her days. The thought itself is just so sad that it keeps breaking my heart over and over again.

Cancer is more than serious. It a treat to all of us… it is a treat to our family and friends. It is more real than you know and many people are dying and losing their family and friends because of this dreaded disease – a traitor to the human body.

Since then, I have been an avid advocate of Cancer Awareness. I want people to know that cancer is as real as you and me. Cancer is deadly and can create devastation in our lives and of others. Cancer can be fought and can be in some way prevented if you keep a healthy lifestyle like eating the right food and exercise.

In line with my commitment to Cancer Awareness, I am making this post in response to a fellow blogger’s call. She asked for friends to make a blog post about cancer. Her campaign “Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness” is aimed not only to create awareness but to help those who are suffering from cancer or are current survivors of this disease from a support group called CanShare. For every 10 blog posts on this, one can of ProSure Formula will be donated to CanShare.

For more details on charitable venture, please visit the blog post Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness.

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