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Well, I think my bed time has just passed by me. I could no longer sleep. My mind is already full of things-to-do-list for the day. So, I opted to get back online and do some little surfing to help me doze off to sleep. And guess what news have I came to stumble upon? Cher is performing again!!
If you have been around in the year 1962, you have probably heard about Sonny and Cher but if you are like me, (turning 29 next month) I only started noticing her (no partners) with her gorgeous face in the movie scenes. I mean who wouldn’t? She is beautiful and very much talented actress and singer. She always makes a great impression on people. I like her looks either blond or brunette. She looks fabulous in all her clothes and even how she performs on stage!

She is slated to perform fabulous shows at the Caesars Palace. How I wish I could see Cher Las Vegas Shows! It would be nice seeing her perform live on stage. She hasn’t starred on stage since her farewell tours from 2002 which ended last 2005. Now, this would be a great show to look forward since it’s been awhile since fans have seen her sing and perform live on stage.

Hmmm…it made me want to watch Mermaids (Cher starred in this movie and sang two sound tracks with it) again. She did well with this together with Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci.

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