Children and the Arts

The impacts of arts, and particularly music, on a child’s developing cognitive skills are varied and important, as multiple studies have shown. Early childhood development experts point to the benefits music has on a variety of areas of learning.

Importance of Music Exposure

Because music taps into multiple skill sets and senses – its benefits are broad. Listening skills, movement and fine motor skills all benefit from the process of interacting with music in an educational setting or even in an informal setting. Exposure to music also brings benefits to language development. A child is born, wired to learn and interpret sounds. Many experts believe that being exposed to music at an early age helps the child to better tap into that natural ‘wiring’ for developing language skills. The more exposure a child has to music, the more benefits are seen. There are relationships to an increased IQ, better spatial relations and higher math test scores for children who have a good quality music education in elementary school.

Challenge of Arts Funding in Schools

In public schools, the budget for the arts is frequently the first area to take cuts when a district is struggling. The harsh reality of this situation has resulted in some organizations taking creative measures to remedy this. Their efforts are an attempt to insure that their community’s children still have the benefits of an exposure to the arts. Sing for Hope is an example of one such organization. One might wonder what the relationship is between street pianos New York and arts education. Thanks to this organization’s efforts, New York neighborhoods and parks are the beneficiary’s of painted pianos placed outdoors for two weeks during the summer. Each piano quickly becomes a gathering spot for impromptu performances and fun within the various communities. The response has been very positive with the communities taking pride in, and embracing this unique, artistic display.

Across the nation, creative champions of the arts continue to try to reach people in all types of communities with the hopes that even a limited exposure to the arts may have some lasting effects.

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  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Thankfully where I live, art & music programs haven’t been affected. I think both of those things are extremely important to teach our children.

  • Megan Elford

    Our schools have little to no music program :-(. If teachers take it upon themselves to teach drumming or recorders, great, but otherwise the kids don’t get anything. It’s too bad, because there are so many kids that aren’t exposed to music education any other way.

  • Jaime Nicole

    Thankfully we have some music exposure for the kids in school, but it’s not nearly enough. With all of the evidence that musical education enhances comprehension in other subjects, why can’t we push it more?

  • Jeanine

    Before I took my kids out of public school to homeschool they only did music and art at one of their schools. My son was learning violin last year. But that was about it. It’s very sad as I feel it’s so important!

  • Alli

    What a great idea to place the pianos out and about for 2 weeks during the summer to encourage the arts! My family is very musical, but sadly, they all had to take private lessons because there was not much in the form of an arts department in their school.

  • Audrey Kidwell

    While I am not very musically inclined, I have always loved the arts! I think music can have a benefit to all children for multiple reasons. It pains me to know that music and art programs are being cut, not just tin schools, but libraries too!

  • Tami

    Music is a great way to learn. School systems are managed with the wrong goals in mind. I hope more schools will get on board with the arts.

  • Crystal

    I totally agree with you! It’s so important that children get exposure to all arts, especially music. I grew up in family that loved music, but I was never taught how to make it myself. Which I’m a bit bummed about. However I was very much encouraged to be creative through drawing which I thought would never get me anywhere career-wise. And now look, I’m a photographer and blogger! 😀

  • brrok

    i have a music school near my house so from the very beggining i have been going there.i think music is very good to make kids creative and tallented

  • Lovely Payoute

    Whats good about having the arts & music in schools is that a teacher and spark or nature talents that the students doesn’t know they have.

  • Tanya

    Unfortunately, it seems to be a trend worldwide — that budgets for the arts and humanities are shrinking if not totally scrapped. That’s a great program about leaving pianos outdoors for anyone to use.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Music and arts teach us all in many ways. They both bring out creativity and can be very therapeutically to everyone. This is an awesome thing that these organizations are doing for people.Thanks for sharing.

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