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Choosing a Career Path

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I can’t believe how many career choices we have these days. I mean, it was also quite confusing to choose a course back in our days, but I can’t imagine how hard it is to finally come up with a decision on a career path nowadays, with all these courses being offered in the universities. Our daughter just graduated from Elementary and she still has 4 years to decide on a career path, but we always encourage her to start thinking as early as now.

To come up with a decision, it would be great to have an “inventory” of our skills and the things that we are passionate about. It’s so easy to be swayed with what others think, especially when you hear that this and that kind of job pays well or is in demand overseas. More than anything else, it is important to be convinced that you have made the right decision. If our daughter finds joy in wearing those nurses uniforms and work in a hospital be it here or overseas, she has our all-out support!

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