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Choosing A Domain Name

A domain name is an identification label to define a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet, based on the DNS or Domain Name System. Choosing a domain name requires a lot of thinking. In this post I will give out 4 tips on choosing a domain name.

1. Must Be Relevant

If you are to choose a domain name, you should know first on where you will use the site. You must have plans and objectives on what the site will look and what the content will be. In short, the domain name must be relevant to the contents of you website. You cannot name your website TheShoe.Com if the content would be clothes.

2. Short and Simple Domain Name

Your domain name should be short and simple so that people will easily remember the name. Avoid to include hyphens, numbers and hard to pronounce words along the domain name.

3. Go for .Com

As much as possible choose a .Com extension for this is the most popular for people. Why? For example, I will talk to you about a site which I found last night and tell you, “Hey! I saw this site, it’s called Great Website. You should check it!” So you go home and check the website and type when it should be See? Instead of seeing the great website you are talking about he will see a not interesting website.

4. Stick to it

Stick to you domain because you don’t want to lose visitors, right? It would be annoying if your visitors found you to the other day and the next day you moved already to

Okay, I can’t think of more. Just love your domain, work hard for it and the rest will follow. I hope this post helped you.

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