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Christmas is in the Air!

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I know this sentence has been used hundreds of thousands of times whether in writing or in verbal exchanges. I have even seen in as Facebook statuses of some people. Well, you have to admit, it has a nice ring to it. And of course, who gets tired of Christmas? I think everyone that I know loves the holiday season, the vacation, the parties, the gifts, and the cool weather. And of course, it is time for Christmas bonuses! That is neat!

Almost everyday, there will be Christmas parties and reunions and all that stuff. And people will be eating a lot and for sure, many will really gain weight. Ha! I think that a lot of phentermine will be sold over the holidays and after the new year in order to shed the holiday weight fast! But I hope that we will remember to take it easy because not only is our appearance at stake here but also our health. Let us just eat and drink moderately during the holidays, okay?

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