Christmas Season is Here

If you have noticed, I already installed a Christmas Countdown Counter at the right side of my blog. I guess the “BER” months have instilled the ambiance of the Christmas Season in me. Aside from that, my mom and my best friend Mae have also setup our Christmas tree at the corner of our living room though it doesn’t have decorations yet.

Anyway, what I like about Christmas is the excuse to eat plenty of food in one day (it starts around the time when the “handa” is already cooked). I mean, aside from the gift giving and family reunions, eating has always been my favorite part. Why? Well, I get to eat sumptuous dishes that are only cooked during the season!

I don’t know if there will be any changes in my system after I will give birth with Baby Bella this month but I guess having some fat burners during that time would be a great way to lose unwanted bulges!

How about you? What do you like best about Christmas?

1 thought on “Christmas Season is Here

  1. i dunno but there is something about christmas that makes me excited. i think it is the air…also the general spirit. it is just so different.

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