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Claiming Alimony

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Alimony is the allowance given to the party requesting support as maintenance in order to live life without financial pressure that is likely to be caused by divorce. It is granted by the court upon review of a number of factors.

What if, a poor woman targets a rich man (which is common for financial security). Their age gaps may not be as far apart and their looks may be close enough that anyone who would see them together will not suspect that it was the woman’s plan. Part of the plan was that the man can be short tempered (so she can blame him later when the stage is set for her scheme). A woman has the ability to destroy a man’s life and get away with it and it has happened so many times before. A woman can also be very patient to play her part even for several years, after all, the reason she devised the plan is to live financially stable. Since he is already rich, playing a little longer will be tolerable. When the time comes she can inject some situations that can snap the fuse of her short tempered husband which result will be enough to file a divorce. Will she win the alimony? Ask an Arizona Alimony Lawyer.

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