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Class of ’22 Graduation Invites 2022

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Congrats on your graduation! It’s time to celebrate the milestone with Graduation Invites. Helping you create the perfect card to send to all of your friends and family, our collection of Graduation Invites is available in several designs and can be personalized with photos, fonts, and text. 

Star Confetti Graduation Announcements

This year, your graduates will party their faces off at Prom, but next year, they’ll be getting all dressed up for graduation. It can be hard to balance everything while also deciding what kind of graduation invites 2022 you want to send out. 

Instead of scrambling at your local stationery store when it comes time to buy graduation invites, just reach out to a printing company! Your stars will go crazy over these personalized cards that feature them (even though they were already born). 

This way, you won’t have any reason to feel stressed about picking a card and your students can rest easy knowing they have some incredible ones coming their way. You know what they say—you only graduate once. 

So make sure you do it right with Star Confetti. We offer top-notch designs so everyone knows who your star is. Just select one of our templates or upload a picture from Facebook or Instagram to get started. 

We even let you choose between single and double-sided options so you can make sure everyone gets an invite. With fast turnaround times, affordable prices, no minimums, and premium quality products there is no better place than Star Confetti for all your graduation needs. Let us show you how we turn our customer’s dreams into reality.

Upper-Class Graduation Announcements

Whether you’re a senior in high school or a junior in college, graduation day is right around the corner. It’s not just your big moment—it’s also one of your last official duties as a student and an important milestone for all involved. 

There are many ways to invite people to celebrate with you: letters, postcards, and even Snapchat filters, but it can be hard to get creative and choose something outside the box that will stand out from all those other graduation invites. 

If you want guests to remember your grad party forever (or at least until they throw their own), consider using unique teacher grad announcements that playoff what made you so special during high school or college. 

For example, if you are known for your epic dance moves on Friday nights, try sending out a video invitation. Or if you had an unforgettable catchphrase like How rude! send something memorable in writing to make sure everyone remembers who you are. 

Triumphant Arch Graduation Announcements

You just graduated high school or college and need to send announcements that make a statement. Use our site as a starting point to start designing an impressive grad announcement. Our classic templates can help get you started or create something truly custom with one of our designers. 

Browse through styles like handcrafted, modern, and vintage, then choose an option below to customize it! Helping you create graduation announcements your family and friends will cherish forever at a price that won’t break your budget. 

Choose from hundreds of card designs in different colors and sizes. We have many options for you to personalize including adding photos, text, clip art, and more! Just add your photo(s) and text, then we’ll print them on the quality paper stock in just days. 

No minimum order size is required. Order as few or as many cards as you want. We even offer free envelopes when you order 5 or more cards! Need even more? Order 10+ cards and receive 50% off your next order. Check out all of our products to find what else you may need such as thank-you notes, announcements, invitations & much more. Start creating today.

Shining Student Graduation Announcements

When you graduate from college, it’s an important moment in your life and certainly one that deserves special recognition. Getting everyone on board to show up for such a momentous occasion, however, is another matter. 

People are busy. But what if there was a way to create invitations that encouraged people to RSVP more readily? We came up with just such a solution: using gold foil provides an elegant touch and creates a certain flair that makes people stop—you want them to do just that so they notice your event details! Will you be inviting friends and family soon? 

Read on to learn how turning your graduation announcement into something unique can help get people excited about attending—and responding—to your invitation.  It may not be possible to completely avoid getting off-topic emails or rambling phone calls from relatives who ask whether you have found a job yet, but at least you’ll have done everything possible to make sure their questions aren’t warranted. 

First, choose your favorite font; we suggest sans serif typefaces like Helvetica or Arial because they’re simple and easy to read (especially when printed). Next, use graphics as often as possible. 

These images can illustrate anything related to your event; try choosing objects that relate specifically to whatever will happen at your ceremony or party (for example, photographs of flowers if you’re having a garden party). If photos aren’t available, stick with designs and illustrations instead.

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