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Cold Breeze

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As December approaches, you can already feel the cold windy breeze all around even inside our homes. Before, even if we turn our air conditioning unit on to its full blast, our room still has a tint of warmth. But now, one would wish to use an electric blanket because of the extreme coldness it’s experiencing.

The cold breeze is also the reason why I always ask my children to bring their jackets every time they go out. These are the days wherein you couldn’t predict rain because the atmosphere is already cold. I don’t want them to get sick as the school has already started. I don’t want them to be missing out from class because of sicknesses.

Anyway, the cold breeze also brings joy to me as it brings good cheers to my spirit. Having a cold environment while working, always gives me a nice mood which often times lead to sleeping. Though I don’t want to gain weight but I couldn’t help it but sleeping and eating is the best hobbies to do when you have a cold weather!

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