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College Memories with Alloy Steels


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Back in college, I studied Civil Engineering. I took this course because I wanted to learn how to make bridges. Aside from that, my father is an architect and I wanted to become his partner when he have projects.

Anyway, when I was still in my lower years, we had a subject called “Strength of Materials.” This was a pre-requisite to all our higher subjects because is deals mainly with the capacity of the materials we are going to use as building foundations for buildings, streets, bridges and the like. We have discussed a lot of theories of the stresses a material can take in a given situation.

At that time, I was able to encounter the word alloy steel. I thought that when you say “steel” it’s just mainly composed of iron and that’s it. I never thought that there are some elements added to make steel’s capacity more enhanced. Metallurgist alloyed other elements with steel to make its properties more improved such as strength, wear resistance, hot hardness and others. Thus the name alloy steel was derived. By the way, alloy steel comes into two groups: low alloy steel and high alloy steel. Low alloy steels are difficult to weld while high alloy steels has more weldability and formability.

Oh well, I guess when you start studying and learning new things, you will end-up with the conclusion that all things are not always what they seemed to be when you were little!


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