Common Questions When Getting a Lawyer


If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. Most people don’t expect to need a lawyer at any point in their lives, so the situation can feel confusing and stressful. Whilst the judicial system is complicated and intricate, a lawyer can be there to guide you through your case and will aim to make the situation as stress-free as possible.

So, what are some of the common questions you might have when getting a lawyer?

How much will it cost?
How much will it cost to hire a lawyer? Good question. The price of a lawyer in the US varies from around $100 to $300 an hour, depending on their experience. If you’re worried about finances, it’s important to be open with your lawyer and ask questions about fee schedules and rates. You might want to ask around to find the best price, too.

Can I represent myself?
Whether you’ve been involved in a road accident, experienced medical malpractice or been discriminated at work, you might be wondering whether a lawyer is essential, or if you can represent yourself. That’s entirely up to you. If you feel like you have a solid understanding of the judicial system and can hold your own in court, you are completely at liberty to represent yourself. No one has to get a lawyer. However, lawyers go through extensive education, training and research, and are generally good at what they do. Unless you’re extremely confident, getting a lawyer may be the best solution.

Is my lawyer good?
People often wonder: is my lawyer good? If you have limited knowledge of lawsuits, you might not know whether your lawyer is doing everything right. The key is to trust them. Before hiring your lawyer, make sure you ask all the right questions and do your research. Read online reviews and ask friends for recommendations. If you’ve done all of this, you should feel confident that your lawyer if doing their job well. If you didn’t do your research, you may have not picked the right person.

How long will the case last?
Another common question amongst those looking for a lawyer is how long the case will take. There is no set period for a lawsuit. They vary depending on the circumstances. Some cases may be quite straight forward, and your lawyer might get a settlement before going to trial. Other cases may be more complex and require weeks or even months in trial. Your lawyer won’t be able to give you a certain answer, but if they’re experienced they should be able to give you an estimate of how much time you might be dealing with.

Will I win?
This is probably the question you care about most. You might feel that there’s no point entering a lawsuit if you’re not going to win. All lawyers should work hard for your case, and want to win just as much as you.

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