Conquered – Ran 5K Last Sunday

I have lived a sedentary life – no workouts, no regular run and with a gallbladder that gives a pinching pain every time I breathe hard. At the age of 32, turning 33 next month, running/walking 5K last Sunday for the first time was a big accomplishment for me already. Feeling leg cramps and abdominal pain while battling for breathe was really hard but with God’s strength, I was able to make it. One thing I can say… never live by the measuring sticks of other people. If they say you can’t, then prove them wrong. God made us to strong enough to reach the things we want to achieve.

~ posing while waiting to claim my finisher’s certificate and loot bag ~

Special thanks to God! I was able to conquer 5 kilometers!! I thought I will be able to finish it within 2 hours but I was so dead wrong. I have completed the 5K course of my initial salvo to fun running in 56 minutes!! And I think it was not bad for a first timer.

Oh well, I was not able to run the whole way through since my gallbladder was in pain. I ran. I walked and then I ran again. That was my pattern. My friends from CDO Bloggers went ahead without me because of my slow pacing but I didn’t mind. My battle is within myself and it was my freedom run. And after accomplishing it, I felt so happy!!! I felt so free and liberated from all doubts in my mind.

My next goal is to run always. Not only during fun runs but develop running as a way of life – my simplest form of cardio exercise. I will try to put in more of my own health goals to achieve but as for now, my ultimate goal is to be able to run the 5 kilometers continuously. Therefore, I need to learn how to get rid of my gallbladder pain (might be related to my gallstones). Aside from that, my immediate goal is to run 5K in 30 minutes as my personal best.

A special thanks to my dearest friends, bloggers and non-bloggers alike, for the encouragement and support. And also to my family!! Thank you all!!

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