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Construction or Mommyhood??

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When I have chosen to become a Civil Engineering student, all I wanted was to learn how to build a bridge and be closed to my father (architect). Then after I graduated, I felt very much uninspired to pursue a profession based on my education. Aside from marrying early, my career path was driven to a different world. All my work experiences are related to sales. Well, I really did enjoy my time with my work and all but I also entertained the thought what if I pursued my profession, what would I be?
I guess I would still be an engineer but a different one. Mostly women civil engineers stay more at the offices and take care of legal matters like construction preliminary notices and government permit processing which is also a very important part of a construction project. Most women are not sent to field-based projects but more on paper works. Then, it would probably be the same as my previous job. I stay at the office with lots of paper works and more talking agenda since I am also in training.

Well, I guess the most important thing for me right now is I am in the profession that I wanted to be – A PROUD STAY AT HOME MOMMY! Not that financially satisfying but emotionally and spiritually enriching!! How about you? What profession are you in?

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