Construction or Mommyhood??


When I have chosen to become a Civil Engineering student, all I wanted was to learn how to build a bridge and be closed to my father (architect). Then after I graduated, I felt very much uninspired to pursue a profession based on my education. Aside from marrying early, my career path was driven to a different world. All my work experiences are related to sales. Well, I really did enjoy my time with my work and all but I also entertained the thought what if I pursued my profession, what would I be?
I guess I would still be an engineer but a different one. Mostly women civil engineers stay more at the offices and take care of legal matters like construction preliminary notices and government permit processing which is also a very important part of a construction project. Most women are not sent to field-based projects but more on paper works. Then, it would probably be the same as my previous job. I stay at the office with lots of paper works and more talking agenda since I am also in training.

Well, I guess the most important thing for me right now is I am in the profession that I wanted to be – A PROUD STAY AT HOME MOMMY! Not that financially satisfying but emotionally and spiritually enriching!! How about you? What profession are you in?

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.

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