Contest Sponsors Wanted

Today is my Second Blogoversary and I am really excited!! After all, it’s been two years since I have found the way to become a stay at home mommy.

Well, in line with this wondrous celebration, I am planning to have my Blog Thanksgiving and Christmas Contest as a way to share my happiness. And with that, I am looking for contest sponsors to celebrate with me.

Below are the prizes that I am accepting for sponsorship:
1. Cash prizes not lower than $ 5.00 (via Paypal only)
2. 125×125 Banner Advertising for at least one month
3. Minimum of 2000EC Credits
4. Top Level Domain Names
5. At least one year free web hosting
6. Unique Blogger Templates
7. Unique WordPress Themes

If ever you are interested in sponsoring items or a ski vacation perhaps (LOL), sponsors will be responsible in shipping these prizes.

What sponsors will get in return? Sponsor will get a permanent link back from all contest participants through a blog post. Cash prize and item sponsors will get an additional link back from contest participant’s blogroll.

Are you interested? Please leave me a comment below. Thank you very much!

Contest will start December 7, 2009 (GMT +8).

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40 thoughts on “Contest Sponsors Wanted

  1. ate rubz….

    count me in:

    125×125 Banner Advertising for at least one month in my LOVE’s Haven site

    and 2000EC each from my: Mother Knows Best
    So Much to Tell


  2. Mommy, 125×125 Banner Advertising ang maibibigay ko from my two newly refurbished blogs which will be placing 125×125 Banner Advertising soon..

    that would be from and

    sana pwede din sayo running link ads, kasi I have running link ads from Just the Tip at More food adventures..

    Anyway, ikaw, let me know kung pwede din ang running link ads

  3. hello sis i want to sponsor po…
    here are my sponsor entry…

    125×125 2 months ad for my PR2 blog – (All About My Life)

    15GB hosting for one year – (My Little’s Angel Journey)

    2000 EC –

    hope i’m accepted, let me know if im accepted sis…
    thanks and good bless and good luck

  4. hi mommy ruby,

    id like to sponsor 1 month widget exposure in my 3 blogs:

    *** surprise gift for the first 3 winners who are residing in the Philippines.

    Pls drop me a line if my accepted ba donation ko. 🙂

  5. hello

    we can sponsor your contest. We are willing to give one year free web hosting c/o

    In turn, we would appreciate if and will be linked back to all the sites of the participants including your site. Let me know if that’s okay with you 🙂


  6. wow. this is a great idea. i can sponsor $5 for this contest. kelan ba ito?

    btw, bida ka naman sa blog ko. hehe. thanks for commenting!

  7. Hello po,

    I’m willing to sponsor 2,500 ec credits each in my 3 blogs.

    Pls inform me if pwede.


  8. Sis… i’m so overwhelmed sa napakaraming pledges from you. Accept ko lahat and yes, ipapackage natin sya. ^_^ Thanks a lot. Iuupdate ko na yung sponsors list and hope you can send me the cash via paypal to finalize the prizes. Thanks!

  9. Hi pinay mommy, I am interested in sponsoring $5 for your contest.

    Anchor text: MashGaming
    Anchor link:

    I am also sponsoring 2 125×125 ad spot on the site mashgaming.

    Kindly email me if you have received my offer.

  10. i’ll sponsor a Blogger Theme, mommy ruby. Pwede rin WordPress. Depende kung ano platform ng winner 😉

    you can view the designs i’ve done so far here:

    Anchor text would be: Random WAHM Thoughts

    Anchor link:

    I’m trying to build backlinks kasi for that other blog 😉

    lemme know 🙂

  11. Count me in, mommy
    I’ll give a 125×125 Banner Advertising for at least one month for these sites:

    Minimum of 2000EC Credits
    Minimum of 2000EC Credits

  12. hi mommy rubs…

    hope we can meet ‘cos I have a proposal 😀 pwede ka within the week? maybe tomorrow afternoon? proposal and tutorial that is… hihihi

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