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Cooking Woes

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One of the things that I would really like to do is be good at cooking. But you know what, it seems that I am only good in eating. If only I am as good in cooking as with my eating! Hehe…

Oh well.

But honestly, if I am a good cook, one of the areas in the house that I would really like to prioritize is the kitchen. I would like to have a big two-door refrigerator where I could store fresh and frozen ingredients. I would have an herb collection so that I can always spice up my dishes. I also would like a three or four-burner stove so that I can cook several dishes simultaneously. I would also like an oven so that I can bake our favorite desserts and viands. I think I would even have Le Creuset cookware because they are known for their good quality.

Hmmm…hihi Honestly, writing this gets me giggling and excited. I really like nice kitchens, especially those that I see in magazines. When will I learn to cook? Or better yet, the question is, how do I learn to cook?

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