Cool Email Management Program

Just before I left for Bacolod City, my friend Aeirin shared to me an incredible FREE downloadable email program. After downloading, I tried using it but didn’t appreciate it that much because I have already been using Outlook for my email management.

When I bought my lappy, there was no Outlook program installed but only a Windows Mail Software. Since I am fairly new with this Windows Vista operating system (not to mention, it’s the limited starter pack) and my lappy, I can’t get my sanity intact with the features it has. So I downloaded the email program my friend recommended.

To be honest, I have now come to appreciate the program. It works like Outlook but has cooler features. It has many colorful stationeries, cute emoticons and several lovable animated email notifier to chose from. By the way, this INCREDIBLE email management program is downloadable for FREE at

Below is my lappy’s desktop with my cute puppy email notifier:

Cool isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Cool Email Management Program

  1. Mommy, just a suggestion if you didn’t know yet. But Mozilla has their email thingy just like outlook too. You can download it for FREE HERE. It is called Thunderbird. It works as fast as the Firefox. I always like Mozilla and I’m sure you do too.

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