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Craving for Pork and Chicken Barbecue

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I was browsing the net one time and came across a site for grill covers. I didn’t know that there is so much to choose from! I don’t have an outdoor barbecue grill yet but would love to have one when we have our own home with a yard. Right now, it is not just possible.

I like barbecue, especially chicken and pork marinated in soy sauce and kalamansi juice with some garlic. Ahhhh…my mouth is watering just thinking of its sight and smell! Haha I also like to be the one to barbecue. I don’t mind the heat and the smoke — it is good smelling smoke. It is the kind of smell that I would want to be always on my nose.

In our family, a little barbecue goes a long way. We would have to cook rice up to the brim of a rice cooker if we are having barbecue chicken or pork for dinner. My children (including me) just eat a lot if we have barbecue. That reminds me, maybe we should have barbecue for dinner tomorrow. But I will not cook it; I will just source it out.

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Mama Mia September 14, 2010 - 7:49 am

i also love BBQ/ inihaw dishes! in fact, we have inihaw na liempo every week (as long as our budget permits…hehehe).

but have you tried marinating your liempo in just salt, pepper, kalamansi & garlic? the way Dampa cooks do it? if you haven’t, try mo lang. just substitute the soy sauce with salt lang. it’s gooood! tapos, sawsaw mo in soy sauce & kalamansi.

haaay! kakagutom naman ‘to. ikaw kasi eh 🙂


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