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Crazy Over Brochures

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Whenever I go to a new place, be it a restaurant, a concert hall, a mall or an educational place, the first thing I look for is the information counter or any place where they have brochures which visitors can grab a hold of. I just love collecting brochures not only because I enjoy including them in scrapbooks and photo albums but also because I enjoy reading them.

When I see the top of the information section brimming with brochure displays, I get elated! Call me weird but I get a different sense of satisfaction when my hands are filled with different brochures especially those which explain a lot about the historical background of a certain place or even just a pamphlet which points out key features of a certain place.

As it is I have already collected stacks upon stacks of brochures and I intend to collect more. Hopefully I get to travel for leisure and a much needed R&R soon so I can have more brochures!

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