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I have created a simple slide show at Roxio online and I just thought that creating this would be a fun way of introducing my family to you. Of course, we are not that many in the family but at least you will have an idea who I am blogging about here and you would see a mental picture of the cast. We have my hubby – Papa Jun and our two love products, Ate Micah and Baby David. Of course, don’t forget me – Mommy Ruby.

Anyway, I like creating memories using slideshows. I find it very unique and if you are like me, I suggest you try Roxio’s photoshow creator. It’s FREE and easy to do. You can upload images up to 20MB and you can add special effects of your choice and even fonts.

When you got yourself a slideshow post in your blog, leave me a comment here and I will surely visit and view yours too. So, try it today!

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