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Christmas is on its way and my children have started to remind me of the promise I gave them last October. That was the month that I last bought a big ticket toys for them and it was also the time wherein I promised them that I would buy them again this December. So every time the children and I get together, I always hear the words “Mommy, remember your promise!”

Anyway, I have been actively checking out the malls and even online stores to see if there would be a great deal on big and fabulous toys. Then lately, I saw an online shop that sells toys that can stir the creativity of children and aside from that, they sell good branded toys at lesser price! MEGA Brand toys have everything that suits all age even collectible toy for big kids like dragons figurine.

I saw these two beautiful toy sets there and am considering buying it for my children. Knowing the favorite Disney Characters of my children, I really think the boy might like Disney’s Cars Piston Cup Race Set and my daughter might like Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Set. Seeing these toys and few others more, it seems that this mommy blogger would like to play with them too!

If you are planning to buy toys for your children or godchildren, please visit www.megabrands.com. I am sure you will like the toys they have considering their prices are just right!

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