Cruising The Waters

Most of the time when people would like to travel, it would mean going from one place to another, on land. It is when you step your feet on the ground and walk the streets, climb the mountains or drive from end to end. It could mean going to other parts of your country you have never been to before but oftentimes it means going to another country one at a time, with the idea of taking pictures of yourself in all the places you stand on, regardless of your means of transportation, whether by land, sea or air.

Why would you travel? You probably wanted to learn about other places. It could have been your childhood dream and now that you are adult, you are ready to do so. How about cruising the waters? It is also a way to travel since you can go from water to water. There are certain routes that cruises from Southampton can offer where you will be passing beside several countries of Norher Europe. There are also short trips like excursions where you can have the London Sightseeing, Discover the City of Bath, and the others which can be great as anniversary gifts or birthday gifts.

If the land travel is taking time to materialize, maybe cruising will be much more feasible.

6 thoughts on “Cruising The Waters

  1. cruising through the waters is really a good way to see the sights in a city or a place and yes, a perfect anniversary or birthday gift, one that will always be remembered.

  2. i tried the Manila Bay cruise.. it was a great experience for the whole family. hope we could try it out of the country too.. 😀

  3. Cruisin above waters is a thing I wanna try someday. I wanna do it with a luxury cruise ship so it can be a relaxing journey.

  4. It is always great to make your own. I made my own with feathers, ribbon and little rings. We scrolled them up and had my then 7 year old son hand deliver them. It was fun.

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