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Crying My Heart Out


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Yes! I already heard news from my husband. I am glad that he is alright. But the unfortunate event was…I have heard great tales of bad news.

First, since I didn’t know where he was, I asked through text to his co-employee if how many days was the assigned business trip and if they heard from him because his cellphone was “out-of-reach” since yesterday. There, I was able to found out that he was on leave and the money he has with him is a loan he got from their company (which we planned before to be a start-up business fund at home).

Second, I know he is in CEBU (according to him) but I don’t know where he is and who is with him right now. But his brother told me that my husband called him using the landline of their Cagayan de Oro residence.

Third, since I texted his co-employees, they texted him and asked him how he was and that I was worried. Because he doesn’t want me to ask them, he texted me that I made him look foolish in his workplace and because of that, he will go AWOL (absence without leave) and he will no longer come home. He has left us again…

I am so darn stupid. Maybe, I was really naive, thinking that we had a great chance in our marriage life or thinking that he came back because of me and not of my work (before he left me penniless). I was thinking that I was living in a fairytale marriage but I was wrong. He never loved me. He never really cared for me and maybe to our children as well.

This February 16, 2008 (Saturday) will be my last day at work. I will have no job and my husband said he wouldn’t come back anymore. He has left me again for the second time with a lot of debts and a dozen bills to pay in a place nowhere near my hometown.

So, what should I say about this? Well, I have nothing to right say now…the only thing I can do is cry, cry, and cry.


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janet February 13, 2008 - 7:46 am

I am so sorry to have heard this. Tears fell from eyes while reading this. I know people can give advise easily. The only thing I can offer now is prayer. I pray for God’s strength to be upon you… His grace and mercy to be with you.

When God allows you to it, He’ll make sure He’ll see you through it. 🙂

Pinay WAHM February 14, 2008 - 8:40 am

Hey Ruby,

It’s Vday here and I just wished you Happy one in the shout box not knowing what you’re going thru right now.

No words can probably ease the pain at the moment but know that there are people known and unknown to you who are wishing you the best…me included!

Stay strong and take care!


Jennifer February 14, 2008 - 10:01 am

Hi there,

I am with you in your sorrow. Be strong. Remember that better things would come your way. Everything happens for a reason, that may be something hard to believe right now, but God has plans for you. You just have to wait until His plans unfold. Stay happy no matter how hard that may seem to be. Flood your children with love and care.

I am praying for healing sis. God Bless!


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