Currently Having a Writer’s Block

To be honest, I am very blessed with several assignments but unfortunately I am having a writer’s block. It seems that my creative juices are not oozing out. Maybe because I was depressed for a few days and was also staying up desperately at night, waiting for opportunities to be grabbed.
I opened this up to my father. He told me, the brain need to rest to function very well. He said I’m just too stressed out to think and I should better consider a break for myself. Watch a movie, get out and do some exercise.Hmmm…that sounds pleasurable to do but as I am currently feeling, I don’t have a knack for it. ^_^ But anyway, I am going out today. Not for some happy go lucky way but I am going to run some errands. Pay some bills and probably do some sightseeing in our busy metro. In that way, maybe I will encounter some inspiration on what to write.

OK guys…see you later. Need to prepare myself for a long afternoon of paying bills and scenic hunting.


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