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The reason why I have chosen to study Civil Engineering is because of my great fascination of how bridges were built. When I was young, I always wonder how they do that when there is water to build on. I always thought that going to a business school was not a wise choice because everybody can learn how to handle business from experiences or workshops and not everybody can build bridges.

Oh well, fascinations on a lot of things really thought me a lot too. Because of a mere curiosity, I was able to learn and even in tweaking blogs.

When I visit museums, I always wonder how they transport such big items without breaking it into pieces. I mean, hey…you can’t transfer a fragile item with simple crates right? Well, my guess was right! I was able to come across Portland onsite crating services. They call themselves Industrial Craters and Packers. They are in the business of solving crating and packing problems of fragile items. They provide custom shipping crates Portland for over 38 years. Such specialization has made them well known in the field of crating Portland area. For short, they pack and crate fragile items (even the most difficult) for an easier transportation, thus making it more secure and safe.

Transporting such fragile items is easy if they are packed securely. So, my curiosity was answered – there is a specialized way of packing big ticket items!


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coolingstar9 June 23, 2008 - 1:07 pm

Hi, I am coolingstar9, It is nice to pursue your dream.
I want to give you an award-the biggest heart awrd, please take it from my blog-big heart.
Have a nice life.

pmonchet June 23, 2008 - 2:30 pm

Mommy Rbuby, May award ka na naman. Gling gling naman.


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