Death Becomes Her


I am not dead but my blog is. Again, the internet god has spoken! Pinay Mommy Online has been slapped down to PR 0. Good bye paid posts! Good bye blogging world! No wait a sec…blogging world?? Wrong! I may say good bye to paid posts but not the blogging world. That can’t be it! Though my blog is dead ZERO on PR but my blogging life continues to live on! Though of course, I am really sad and fearful. That means that I have no tasks, no money, and no income and probably going back and finding a fix paying job!! =(

Honestly, I really don’t want to work again. I enjoyed staying at home and spending more time with the kids. Anyway, I am hopeful that someday it will return, maybe not in the next two days but in the next few months to come. Ajah!!

By the way, I would also like to congratulate all my friends who got their Page Ranks increased as high as PR3!! I know you waited for months and now it’s there. So strike while the IRON is hot!!

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Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • Mommy Ruby

    hello mommies! thanks for the visit. yeah…i still have other blogs and i guess i need to seriously start monetizing them now. LOL!!

    yeah my toolbar is really “thick” because of my anik-aniks but doesn’t look any different when you have a 19″ widescreen LCD monitor . i can see the whole view. ^_^

  • Z'riz

    I’m sorry Mommy R… but your other blogs can be monetized and they still got PRs right?

    And Mitch is right, you can still grab opps even though PR 0 ka 🙂

  • Luana

    Hello sis dear and sweet mommy *huggles* I’m so sorry to hear about your PR 🙁 I know how cruel it can be… but don’t give up! You have have your PR back someday (I’m hoping for my site too!) and PR0 blogs still get random opps, at least you’ll be able to pay the blog yearly fees with them… *hugs* Good luck with your other blogs, and don’t stop blogging! Never 😉

  • {girl}forallstatus

    Hi ruby, my blog has been pr zero ever since it started. But i still get decent opps from socialsparks. grabe, ngayon naman i checked and my site is pr2 na. pero does it really matter? what’s so important about it? I got weeded out of payperpost just weeks ago. sayang lang ang pr.

  • Roy

    Isn’t it ironic, we try so hard to increase our PR to get opps, and then these opps causes the PR to be dimished, worst back to zero.

    I have never been conscious of PR until I found out I don’t have it. No wonder I don’t get that much opps.

    I’m sure you’ll get back your PR soon.

  • Mommy Ruby

    yes mommy Z, i could still grab some opps but if i wait the whole day. and with my connection, that would be no sleeping just to get one. 🙁

  • Mommy Ruby

    hello mommy {girl}!! thanks very much for the visit.

    well for me, i expected to hear the news first at 3P, if i get retained or booted out but unfortunately, Mr. G booted me out. hahaha, nakakatawa talaga life

  • Mommy Ruby

    hello Roy! thanks for dropping by. i agree with you. that is sad but very true in the world of blogging and internet. anyway, i hope we get PRs again soon. ^_^

  • Mommy Ruby

    my page rank and my hubby have something in common. they play a vicious cycle in my life! LOL!!

    thanks mommy J!! you are always a friend in times of need. ^_^

  • Purpled Sky

    naks! wag maniwala sa PR-PR na yan! Blog lang ng blog 🙂

    I was never conscious of this PR thing. I only blog because it’s the best feeling to connect with you guys, so please, never stop blogging 🙂

    natuwa ako sa comment mong yung hubby at PR mo may similarity 😀

  • Anonymous

    Here’s one tip:

    NEVER EVER post about Big G’s penalizing you cause they’ll penalized you big time.

    Big G doesn’t rely only at their secret formula in getting your PR but as well as the post about negative feedback (if exist) about them.

  • Mommy Ruby

    hello anonymous. thanks for stopping by and thank you for the tip. i guess you are one of my regular blog readers. ^_^

    anyway, i guess i haven’t posted anything bad against Mr. G or did I? i am just saying that i have a pr 0. i also never mentioned the word “penalized” because i never thought of it that way. i always see that pr has its days and fluctuating. and believe me, i don’t want to try to fathom it’s secret formula, i have a hubby to decipher so that i could understand. hehehe

    again, thanks for the heads up. at least, many of us will know how some things work in the world of internet.

    muahs and hugs!!

    @ mommy mitch and purpled sky,

    thanks for dropping by. yung nga, blog lang ako ng blog. hehehehe online diary ko yata ito sa probs ko. ^_^

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